Q: Why my done work stop counting in ?

A: Your account on the social network "frozen". In the case of consecutive 3-5 failed jobs should change ip-address and social account.

Q: I changed my social account , but the work is still not counted .

A: Each user must have a social avatar and meet a number of other conditions :
  • For Google services (Youtube, Google+) - each youtube account needs to bind to the g+ account and have an open feed ( in the first act with the account, Like / dislike / comment - you need to confirm that your actions will be visible to other users ) . For performing tasks on Yotube allowed to use only the main channel (which created the very first ) .
  • For Facebook - account must be created for more than 24 hours ago

Q: Why are orders shows 0 available orders, but if you go in the service - the orders will be there?

A: There are several reasons :
  • You have not changed when changing ip address social Account , in this case, the task will be issued, but the probability of "freezing" or ban social account is greatly increased. It also negatively affects the probability of offset orders in system.
  • To reduce the load on the service page displays data with a slight delay - about 15 minutes. So it might orders # didn't not updated yet

Q: I have decided to create a new account , but it constantly bans me.

A: To create a new account you have to send a message addressed to the "Admin" with a request to deactivate the current Account . Otherwise, creating new user accounts will be treated as Multi-accounts .

Q: Can I use the automation system (AutoIt, iMacro)?

A: Yes, if they do not use the system error. For example, the following iMacros for youtube likes perfectly valid ( only manage accounts and social change ip address) :
TAB T = 1
EVENT TYPE = CLICK SELECTOR = "# main> FORM> FIELDSET> DIV> DIV> TABLE> TBODY> TR: nth-of-type ( 2 )> TD: nth-of-type ( 2 )> DIV> A" BUTTON = 0
TAB T = 2
wait seconds = 5
TAG POS = 1 TYPE = BUTTON ATTR = ID: watch-like
TAB T = 1
TAB CLOSEallothers
wait seconds = 10

Q: What can I do with credits ?

A: There are several options :
  • Add lot on the Market in more profitable ratio $ / credit.
  • Sell at fixed price, the current rate of $2.50 for 1000 credits .
  • Order with credits services, that's listed in Advertiser Panel